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Longshot magazine is going to create a magazine start to finish in the space of 48 hours. We announce a theme on a Friday July 29 2011 at noon, Pacific Time. Then, for the next 24 hours, we accept submissions based on that theme. We then use the next 24 hours to edit and design a magazine, based purely on your submissions. At noon on Sunday, we upload the finished product to MagCloud, where you can buy it.

Don’t worry, we’ve done this before. And it was quite good! We won a Knight-Batten Award. David Carr called Issue Zero “A remarkable artifact.” PBS said we were “one of the most technologically interesting magazine projects today.” The BBC said “amongst the staff cutbacks and closures a new appetite for experimentation has emerged. One of the most ambitious is the newly created [Longshot] Magazine.” The Village VoiceNew York Observer, Wall Street Journal, CoolhuntingSF WeeklyUSA TodayLA Times, Make Work Meaningful, and PSFK all seemed to dig us. 

And when I say us, I mean you and me. Because this whole thing only works if you take part. 

And so here we are. Again. Hoping you may want to join us. Again. We need writers, photographers, illustrators, videographers, information designers, editors, proof readers, fact checkers, baristas, chefs, bartenders, and carpenters. (Especially bartenders). We want submissions ranging from 140 characters to 4,000 words. Please send us your strongly reported narratives, design fictions, interviews, data visualizations, cartoons, family portraits, how-to guides, maps, obscure histories, recipes, war reporting, photo-essays, blueprints, ships’ logs, scientific papers, charticles, wood cuts, curio boxes, product reviews, and box scores. 

We want you to make it. We want to publish it first. We don’t want your rights.

Interested? We hope so. It’s going to be the getdown. If you’d like to submit, be involved in any capacity, or just know what’s up, you can sign up here