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Longshot // Publish: All

The downside of getting so many great submissions is that it means we don’t get to publish a lot of great work. So before we went to press this time, we decided that we wanted to publish everything everyone submitted. That’s right, everything. 

Longshot is an exercise in creativity. It’s an experiment defined by two constraints: a limited time period, and a theme. We want to get people excited about being creative. We want to give you an excuse to write that story, take that photo, paint that portrait that you’ve been meaning to do for so long. Get it out. Jam. 

And we don’t just want to encourage that spirit on the weekend. And we very much want to encourage you to do something with your work. We want people to see it. 

Last time, we promised that if you posted your work online, we’d link to it from our blog. That seemed to work out well, but not everybody was able to post their stuff online, and it still left quite a bit of awesome work hiding in the darkness of our submission engine, Submishmash, never to be seen again. 

So we came up with a new plan. We’re going to put all of the 672 submissions we received online. Every. Single. One. 

Internally, we’ve been calling this Longshot Raw. And we’re super-excited to have a way to let everyone’s work hit daylight. Well. That is, unless you don’t want us to.

On our submission page for Longshot this time, we noted that “[w]e will make everything submitted available online after the 48 hour period is over.” But after we re-announced that on yesterday’s blog post, we’ve gotten a few emails from people who don’t want their stuff published, and essentially saying, “cut it out.”

Okay! No problem!

In all sincerity, we thought our intentions were clear from the get go. But we also know that it’s easy to skim over a form, or to not quite get what we meant. 

So, to be clear, here’s the plan. We’re going to bundle all the submissions together in an archive file, and release that via a torrent file. But because we know that some of you don’t want your submissions included, we’re going to give you a week to remove them before we do that.

If you don’t want us to include your work in the Longshot Raw file, it’s easy to remove your submission. Here’s how to do it.

1. Log into Submishmash again. (Submishmash remembers your password even if you don’t. They can email it to you if you’ve forgotten.)

2. Go to your My Submissions page.

3. Click on the “withdraw” link next to your work.

That’s it! Done!

If you pull your submissions, we won’t include them in the torrent. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you next week in Longshot Raw. 

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Longshot Radio is live as of Sunday afternoon. Take a listen here.

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Your Longshot Contributors, Issue Two

Forty-eight hours ago we gave you guys an assignment, twenty-four hours ago you turned in your stories, and today we made a magazine. Despite the fact that we’ve only spent a collective 6 days streamlining this process, it seems to get easier every time. That’s thanks in large part to the amazing turnout of NYC’s media mavens — but even more thanks to all of you. Though it seemed nearly impossible to choose from all the excellent submissions, we’ve assembled a pretty kick-ass issue.

Whether or not your work made it into the edited magazine, we’ll be making every submission available online in torrent form.

But for now, congratulations and thank you to our wonderful contributors! Here’s our Issue Two Table of Contents:

A Parable    
by Chris Baker
Cash on Delivery    
by Tim Maly and Emily Horne
5 Questions    
by Tony Hightower
Name’s Sake    
by Haugen Mendeola
Asphalt Default    
by Karen Unland
El Cobrador del Frac    
by Kati Krause
Items in My Mother’s Basement That She Believes She Is Saving For Family Members   
by Dan Kois
Exit Sandman    
by Harper Honan

by Erin Griffith

One Thing Leads to Another    
by Mary Wiltenburg

There’s a Lot of Waiting, at the End    
by S.E. Smith

by Philip Bump

Changing Faces    
by Adam Rothstein

Circles of Influence    
by Michelle Legro & Maria Popova
Illustrations by Wendy MacNaughton

Zero Sum    
by Martin Connelly

by Anonymous

Coming Clean on Dirty Laundry    
by Rachel Swaby & Tim Leong

Grade AA    
by Kristen Taylor

The Price of Life    
by Timothy Lesle

A Letter to My Student Loan   
by Buck Weiss

I Owe ___ for ____

by Craig Damrauer   

Sex and Balances    
by Anonymous

by Lucas Foglia

by Paul Ford

Water to Dust    
by Heather Hansman

by David Wolman

Financial Theater
by  Pat Walters

What Was Left Behind
by McNair Evans

Ginsberg’s Failure    
by Steve Silberman

Diamonds Aren’t Forever    
by Jonathan Snyder & Angela Watercutter

For Richer or Poorer    
by Jonathan Snyder & Angela Watercutter

Money in the Tank    
by Patrick Di Justo

Home Away from Home    
by Lex Kumar

Ring Cycle    
by Aholaah Arzah

Alternative Currency    
by Anonymous

Record Collectors    
by Michael Barthel

Gifted Children    
by Joanna Pearlstein

Once Found, Now Lost    
by Chris Smith

Smoke on Vine    
by David Harris

Alan Greenspan Fanfic    
by Rob Dubbin

Special Report: Into the Debtpocalypse

by Aaron Britt, Drew Himmelstein, Michelle Legro, Anne-Louise Brittain

Art and Photos by:

McNair Evans, M. Scott Brauer, Jon Snyder, Mark Giglio, Susie Cagle, Wendy MacNaughton, Simon Lutrin, and Patrick Hruby

Letters to the Editor

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A Note From Our Managing Editor

Hey gang,

First off, everyone is doing an amazing job editing, fact-checking, designing, and moving stories along. We’re well ahead of last year’s pace, so keep doing what you’re doing. The fact that we can see anything remotely resembling a finish line, at this point, is a testament to your awesomeness.

Of course, our plan for this issue is more ambitious than anything we’ve ever done, so pace yourself, drink plenty of fluids (scotch, water, whatever), and (above all) make sure you’re communicating when you’re moving something along. 

To that end, if you’ve been assigned a story to edit in 01, please do that before anything else. And please make sure you’re editing the story in Google Docs, not SubMishMash. When you’re done with that, email Erin Biba to let her know and she’ll move the file to 02. Please let me know if you don’t see the story in Google Docs, and I’ll investigate.

Choire and Joel are heroically pushing all stories from 02 to 03, once the first edit is done. And once the story is in 03, it gets fact-checked and moved to 04. It’d be great if we could get most or all of the fact-checking done tonight, perhaps by 11:30. That way, the art department and web teams can start flowing in copy into their respective designs. (Mind you, this copy will also be copy-edited/spot-checked once more in proof, so remember this 04 copy is not final, but it’s damn close.)

If you have any questions at all on anything ever, please don’t hesitate to ask. You guys are an unprecedented cast of rock stars, and this is going to be beyond anything we’ve ever put out, so thank you for all you’ve done so far and let’s get this fucker done.


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Can we use curse words? Or should I delete them? I'm usually kind of an aggressive writer, guys, but I can tweak the piece of deemed necessary!

Asked by hydelaura

We shall not be offended. 

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'you load sixteen tons, what do you get?

another day older and deeper in debt

St. Peter don’t you call me ‘cause I can’t go

I owe my soul to the company store’

sing it Tennessee.

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The Easiest Way Ever to Participate in Longshot Radio

Call this number: 718 (bk baby!) 635.0222. Complete this analogy. Call in and tell us “Life in [[MY TOWN - tell us your town]] is like taking out a loan because…” Just do it - 718.635.0222

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While you were sleeping, a bunch of stories went up from the Longshot Radio booth at McNally Jackson Books. Listen to them here. The booth is back open today until 10pm. Swing by!

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We Owe

  • You. For your hardwork on all these submissions. They’ve been great. Keep them coming!
  • Gawker. For letting us Most especially Joel Johnson for setting it up, and Nick Denton for letting him set it up.
  • Dustin Grella. For this amazing launch animation.
  • Our editors here in New York. For your talent, dedication, and enthusiasm. It astounds us.

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How you doing out there?

We know you’re getting tired. So are we. But we promise: you can finish! Let us know if you have any questions. In the meantime, we’ll be here quietly reading.

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need a lesson on our national debt?

allow the SCHOOLHOUSE to ROCK you

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Two and a half questions:

Is there a minimum age for those who want to submit?
How many submissions per person?/Can you submit to more than one category?

Thank you! :)

Asked by selinjessa

1) No minimum age! 

2) You can submit more than one piece — and to any category.

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I Owe _______ for _______

Arikia Millikan and Nick Jackson collected up some of the best submissions coming in for our Longshot Challenge, “I owe _____ for _____.” You can submit your own on this form or via the sorta wonky embed below.

I owe $10 for a haircut tip that I promised to pay after I got cash from the ATM and never did.
I owe the Victorian Police in Australia $6,000 of $13,000 for parking fines my best friend at the time racked up since I’ve been out of the country for the last four years. Still paying monthly, but I’ve lost contact with her.
I owe that homeless man on the train for saying to me, when I got laid off from my job, “It’ll be OK, darlin’. Pretty girls don’t starve.”
I owe that girl on the cruise a dance for turning her down when I was 11.
I owe my mother for not leaving me like she left her first son.

I owe Bill Clinton for teaching me to love Fleetwood Mac.

I owe Clarissa for explaining it all.

I owe my boyfriend for all the oral sex… Thanks!

I owe Europe for my sexual awakening.

I owe North America for my stay in Guantanamo.

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The Longshot Story Booth at McNally Jackson Books in SoHo New York is up and running! We’ve already received our first radio celebrity visitor - come by and tell your stories. The booth is open til 10 on Friday, and from 10 to 10 on Saturday. Audio will be posted on Soundcloud. Follow Jody for updates.

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About Those Longshot Challenges

So, this time around, we didn’t just give you a theme (DEBT) but also five challenges. We did this for a couple of reasons. First, we wanted there to be easier ways to contribute to the magazine. We kept hearing from people that they really wanted to do something but they were hungover had too much work or forgot until the last minute were stuck at a cousin’s wedding. So, the challenges provide a few quick ways to have the Longshot experience. 

But we also have an ulterior motive. By directing a lot of people to do the same thing, we may be able to create a bit more structure and coherence for our magazine.

Now, here are the challenges with a few more thoughts about each one. 

1) Answer this question: I owe __ for ____.

This is simple. We’re going to take your submissions and create a visualization for the website and use some of them in some way in the print magazine. We’ve already received responses from the hilarious (“I owe Bill Clinton for teaching me to love Fleetwood Mac.”) to the heartbreaking (“I owe my mother for not leaving me like she left her first son.”) We owe Craig Damrauer for this excellent idea.

2) Tell us how much personal debt you have and when you think you’ll pay it off via this form. (Don’t worry, it’s anonymous and we’re not capturing any personally identifiable data.)

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. You enter a number and we’ll do something with those numbers.

3) Take a portrait of the person you owe the most. Write a 100 character caption explaining. Submit it here.

I’m really hoping we get the kinds of awesome portraits that Pictory seems to bring in so easily.

4) Illustrate your own personal debt map. (Hint: You don’t need a GPS. Think.) Submit it here.

This is probably the most confusing, but what we’re hoping for here are illustrations in the vein of Christoph Niemann or Wendy MacNaughton. Can you draw your own personal geography of debt?

5) Go out and pay off a debt you’ve long had. Then either write up your story or tell us about it via Longshot Radio, which is like StoryCorps on speed.

In the past, we’ve been very mildly disappointed that more people didn’t seize the opportunity to go out into the world, do something, and come back to tell us about it. So, this is our attempt to nudge you in that direction.

Feel free to hit us with any question you might have. We’re obviously monitoring @LongshotMag but you can also get in touch with me, @alexismadrigal, or on email at alexis.madrigal[at]gmail.com.