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Longshot Radio: Everything you want to know

Here’s how you can help Longshot Radio explore this year’s theme of “Debt.” There are several ways to participate, or email longshotradio@gmail.com with your own ideas.

+ I Live In New York

Visit the Longshot Story Booth at McNally Jackson Books. Like Storycorps on speed. Starting on Friday afternoon at 5, Lonsgshot Radio will have a pop-up recording booth inside the McNally Jackson bookstore, just around the corner from Longshot HQ at Gawker Media. Swing by to join the conversation. We’ll be asking you to talk about your debt, who you owe, and what it means to give back. Plus we’re giving folks a chance to interview each other - so bring a friend! McNally Jackson is open til 10 on Friday, and from 10-10 on Saturday. We may also be there from 10-12 on Sunday. Keep your eye on the Longshot twitter feed for updates.

+ I Live Elsewhere (or also in New York)

Be a Longshot Radio Field Collaborator - here’s what producer Alex Goldmark has in mind. Go into your neighborhood and start a conversation with this:

There’s a game called, “Love is like a puddle.” We’re making it in audio for a magazine this weekend.

Here’s how it works. I say, “Love is like a puddle, you never know how deep it is from looking at the surface” … then you could say, “Love is like a puddle, if you dive in head first, you’ll break your neck.” … It’s easy. I promise. No wrong answers. So, here’s one…

  • "Debt is like a highway because … " 
  • "Credit cards are like a first date because … " 
  • "Life in [YOUR TOWN] is like visiting the bank a because … "
  • "Paying my bills is like going back to high school because … "

NOTE: Don’t forget to get their (and your) name and city so we can give them credit in the magazine. 

Once we get your responses, Alex is going to string them together into montages. Trust us, this’ll sound cool.

+ I Only Have Five Minutes and A Smart Phone

You can still be a part of Longshot Radio. If you’re working on a print piece and don’t want to spend too much time on audio; or you just don’t have much time at all, just take out your phone and record a 1min piece of tape. Tell us, or ask someone:

  • Who do you owe the most?
  • How are you paying the world back?
  • What does the world owe you?
  • Or anything else.

Follow Longshot and Jody on twitter for the latest.

+ How Else Can I Help?

Drop us an email and we’ll put you to work. We need folks to transcribe tape, cut together simple pieces, and lots more.

+  Where’s The Audio, How Do I Upload?

Until the website goes live, Soundcloud will be the home for Longshot Radio. We’ll be posting raw audio to our account, and you’ll be able to upload directly to our page using the dropbox or the Soundcloud mobile app. You can always email us audio too at longshotradio@gmail.com.

+ Anything Else?

This is our first experiment in doing this, so we’re keeping the production level pretty simple. We also like natural-sounding radio, so a few things to help us as we start to edit:

  • Give us live tape. We won’t be able to mix too many effects together, so in order to create the sound of you walking into a room, record as you walk into a room
  • Get plenty of natural sound. Streets, parks, rooms, give us ambient noise to work with
  • Overrecord, but try to get good stretches that don’t require too much internal editing
  • Get tape that gives us a sense of place
  • Take photos!

Here are some of the folks you’ll be hearing from all weekend, manning the ship at LS Radio HQ: Pat Walters, Alex Goldmark, Emma Jacobs, Dylan Fareed, Paige Cowett.


-Jody Avirgan-