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The downside of getting so many great submissions is that it means we don’t get to publish a lot of great work. So before we went to press this time, we decided that we wanted to publish everything everyone submitted. That’s right, everything. 

Longshot is an exercise in creativity. It’s an experiment defined by two constraints: a limited time period, and a theme. We want to get people excited about being creative. We want to give you an excuse to write that story, take that photo, paint that portrait that you’ve been meaning to do for so long. Get it out. Jam. 

And we don’t just want to encourage that spirit on the weekend. And we very much want to encourage you to do something with your work. We want people to see it. 

Last time, we promised that if you posted your work online, we’d link to it from our blog. That seemed to work out well, but not everybody was able to post their stuff online, and it still left quite a bit of awesome work hiding in the darkness of our submission engine, Submishmash, never to be seen again. 

So we came up with a new plan. We’re going to put all of the 672 submissions we received online. Every. Single. One. 

Internally, we’ve been calling this Longshot Raw. And we’re super-excited to have a way to let everyone’s work hit daylight. Well. That is, unless you don’t want us to.

On our submission page for Longshot this time, we noted that “[w]e will make everything submitted available online after the 48 hour period is over.” But after we re-announced that on yesterday’s blog post, we’ve gotten a few emails from people who don’t want their stuff published, and essentially saying, “cut it out.”

Okay! No problem!

In all sincerity, we thought our intentions were clear from the get go. But we also know that it’s easy to skim over a form, or to not quite get what we meant. 

So, to be clear, here’s the plan. We’re going to bundle all the submissions together in an archive file, and release that via a torrent file. But because we know that some of you don’t want your submissions included, we’re going to give you a week to remove them before we do that.

If you don’t want us to include your work in the Longshot Raw file, it’s easy to remove your submission. Here’s how to do it.

1. Log into Submishmash again. (Submishmash remembers your password even if you don’t. They can email it to you if you’ve forgotten.)

2. Go to your My Submissions page.

3. Click on the “withdraw” link next to your work.

That’s it! Done!

If you pull your submissions, we won’t include them in the torrent. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you next week in Longshot Raw.