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The Great Longshot Treasure Hunt

UPDATE #2:  Here’s how the treasure hunt looked to us.

UPDATE: The treasure was found! Thanks to all those who came out and looked for it, and congratulations to @butchboiAsh

Longshot Magazine has hidden $750 somewhere in the city of San Francisco. Over the course of the afternoon, we’re going to gradually reveal clues that lead to its location. It’s yours if you can find it.

Clue Number One: Look among the smelly invaders and colorful edibles.

Clue Number Two: Beginning Advanced Spanish

Clue Number Three: Approximate elevation 228 meters

Clue Number Four: A Map by Wendy MacNaughton

Clue Number Five: An object nearby

Clue Number Six: Look near the end of the tall tree

Clue Number Seven: Below a tank array you’ll find your tonic.

Clue Number Eight: “Stumped?”

Got an idea where the treasure may be? Post it below. (That is, if you don’t mind giving it away.)



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